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"You know what my favorite part of that (about splitting his pants) is? When Jensen laughs. He’s got the best laugh there."

"You know something else he does? He gets over things real easy. I once watched in amazement how he was scolded by a producer and then simply said: ‘Are you done? Let’s go get a beer now.’ I am much more of a thinker and really have to take things in and deal with what was said. - Jared Padalecki

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Make me choose

↳ castials asked: Dean or Cas?

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I know how you look into a mirror… and hate what you see.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr in Gag Reel

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Yesterday was Tuesday, right? But today is Tuesday too!

The fact we STILL reblog these posts every Tuesday five seasons later should be convincing enough to bring Gabriel back already

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that one time dean wore a hoodie and looked hella cute

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"You know what I can do.
I know what you can do.”

"You’ve got to do better than last time."

"You’re going to regret saying that."

"You get to find me first."

"When I find you, and I will find you…
You’re gonna wish you’ve never been caught.”

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